This Page will inform you about each of the in-game currencies, how to earn them and what they can be spent on.

Chips Edit

Chips can be earned in a variety of ways on CasinoRPG such as - 

- Playing games (Blackjack , Slots , Roulette and Poker)

- Doing missions 

- Daily bonus 

- Selling Casino Points (CP) in the player's exchange market

- Profits made from running a successful casino empire!

Chips can be spent on a wide range of items in game such as - 

- Buying land / casino items and games

- Buying CP from the player's exchange market

- Buying items for your avatar such as clothing or furniture for your condo 

- Entering Tournaments or participating in Sprints

Casino Points (CP)Edit

Casino Points, or CP as they are more commonly known, are the game's premium currency and are used on a wide range of things throughout the game such as - 

- Buying land or casino/condo items 

- Increasing vault size to make sure you don't miss out on valuable Chips earned while you sleep!

- Selling on the player's exchange market for Chips so you can play for longer

Casino Points can be earned in game, bought via Credit Card / Paypal / Bitcoin, or even gained for free via Sponsor pay by completing offers.

Earning in game is easy too as simply playing games will randomly award this premium currency !